Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That's My World Tuesday - City Art part I

I totally LOVE this Meme! I did not know it was going to grow on me when I started participating, but it has and I look forward to it every week! I hope you enjoy what I share with you :)
My beautiful city is a resort town and there are many art galleries all over the place. Around the city there is also some great art - mainly sculptures, which are permanently displayed along the boardwalk (Malecon) for locals and visitors to enjoy.
Some are abstract art like these "Jelly fish"
Others are traditional like the cook's patron Saint
and there is also modern art - like these sails - with grafitti on it!

Next week I will share some more, I hope you come back and visit ~


  1. Very nice photos, so crisp and clear and very enlargable to see lots of detail. Good luck with this new blog... you're on your way!

  2. I love the cook's patron saint. For some reason I think it's the long neck!

    X X

  3. The top photo - you don't know if it's a work of art or fortifications, but I like it. Lovely photos.

  4. Sculptures add so much interest to public places and also make great meeting places, meet at a certain statue rather than at a corner which could be one of four or more.

  5. I love a place that embraces outdoor art. Thanks for giving up a glimpse into your world.

  6. These are interesting looking artworks.

  7. I really like the "Jelly Fish" ones! Those are awesome! Tell us more about your town!


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