Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Scribblings - #212 - Dinner

I love the written word and for the longest time I've been wanting to participate in this weekly challenge... up until now I always found an excuse not to, however, tonight I am either inspired :) or DINNER is an easy subject for a food lover like me!

Dinner here in Mexico is not like in the US - the main meal of the day - but since moving in with my Sweetheart it has become more of a structured meal because its the only meal we as a family share during the week.
I set the table - and like doing so - the three of us sit down to enjoy whatever I cooked that day. We talk about our day, joke, laugh, discuss the plans for the following day and in general enjoy this time together.
There have been days when my Princess is in bed already by the time we sit down to eat and on those rare ocassions our conversations are a bit different and it feels almost like a date :)
Either way, day to day we grow as a family and sitting down together for dinner - regardless of how elaborate or not, light or heavy,early or late - is just another way of making memories I already cherish...

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Have a wonderful week and I look forward to participating again soon!


  1. So often when little ones head to bed early, a dinner at the dining room table or at the sofa becomes a date. Lovely to know about dinner in Mexico. Our home is simple and sounds a bit similar to your. Reading and writing and reusing and crafting are my hobbies also.
    Welcome to Sunday Scribblings!


  2. You are so right about sitting down as a family to share the meal and recount the day's happenings.

    Keep it up (both the shared dinners and the writing).


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