Thursday, May 20, 2010

Self-portraits at The Gallery

Like most mom's I am ALWAYS the one behind the camera! Before my Princess was born, I liked having my picture taken because I was always put together, slim and was continuously told how photogenic I was SO it was a pleasure rather than a pain. However, now that I am a mother things have changed dramatically and I do not mind not being in the photos except when I am asked: Do you have a photo of the two of you together???...
In the last couple of years my Funny Girl has started taking photos of me, most of them get deleted when downloaded, not because she is a bad photographer, but because I do not like the way I look.
For some unknown reason the one below got saved, it surprises me because in addition to the fact that I am sans make-up I am not wearing EARRINGS and in my book that is equal to being naked! :) So here I am in all my naked glory! hahahahaha ~
In order to accept ourselves as we really truly are, we should do this exercise more often - I think!

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