Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Sketches

Here is my sketch for this week - for some unknown reason I was unable to link up last week so I did not post :(
I really like how the pupil turn out, overall I am happy with this sketch - hope you like it!
Thank you for stopping by, have a fantastic week ~


  1. Hi Sarita,
    Glad you could join us. Sorry about last week. Mr. Linky was down part of the day due to emergency maintenance.

    Love your sketch. And you're right...a very good pupil. Looking forward to more of your art! :)

  2. Very lovely sketch! I love seeing how different artists portray eyes, and yours is wonderful! Have a wonderful week, Lauren

  3. Eyes are always worth the practice and can be drawn so many ways! We like the eyebrow!

  4. Eyes can be tricky and you've done a great job here. The lashes are really well done.


  5. so glad you could link up this week. Your eye lashes are wonderful.

  6. she's got wonderful eyelashes and looks bright eyed! glad you could join this week!


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