Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Scribblings #222 - Me.

or in thiscase: I! :)
I am making a concious effort to REALLY, TRULY be aware of the wonderful life I have - I am not talking about perfection as the definition of that word can mean something to me and have a totally different meaning to the person reading this, is more about noticing the daily gifts we receive/enjoy.
As my friend Jackie says: if there are dishes to wash is because there was food to be eaten, and if I have laundry to do is because I have clothes to wear... UNLIKE many people!
I want to count my blessing everyday: family, friends, a beautiful daughter, a good partner, a roof over our heads...
I must appreciate my good health as I am witnessing first hand what is like to - from one day to the next - NOT be able to take care of yourself, to depend on others for most things including having someone else take care of your baby because you are unable to.
I give thanks for all the things I notice and for the many that go UNNOTICED, for those gifts I am aware of and the ones that I take for granted. I want to be a better person by noticing the small things in life - EVERYDAY!
I must love myself unconditionally in order for me to love others the same way :)

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Unconscious Mutterings Week 388

1.Authorized :: ENTRY

2.Flirting :: SINGLE
4.Digit :: DOUBLE
5.Sexy :: GIRL
6.Combinations :: NUMBER
7.Guard :: BODY
8.Retina :: EYE
9.Motion :: LOCO
10.Concert :: CLASSIC