Sunday, December 25, 2011

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Favoritas

Today I'm sharing a photo of my Princess taken 3 years ago... Wow, Time sure goes by fast! Renata has always loved the written word (like me!) and ever since she realized what pencils, pens, markers, etc. are used for, she usually has one - or more - nearby and/or using them as this photo shows:
It seems like I took this phot just yesterday and at the same time it feels like eons ago... my girly girl is growing way TOO fast...
To participate visit Sabor a Cajeta; I thank you for stopping by
and wish you a fantastic holiday weekend.

This Moment ~

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Friday Fill-Ins


2. MORE TO COME soon!
3. I love to buy CRAFTY SUPPLIES.
4. THEY MAKE THE BEST gift(s).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to FINISHING SOME BAGS, tomorrow my plans include ATTENDING THE FARMER'S CO-OP AND SELLING LOADS :) and Sunday, I want to SELL EVEN MORE!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 129

Christmas card making in progress ~
Since Monday I've been up to my eyes in paper, embellishments, cardstock, glue, etc. = FUN!
I'll be taking them to the two craft markets I sell at on Saturday & Sunday, I hope to sell out :) so keep your fingers crossed for me please!
For more fun entries and/or to participate visit Stamping Ground

Wordless Wednesday

Fall in the Tropics

The Gallery: Something I am Proud Of...

I'm totally proud of my beautiful Princess! She is my inspiration and even though life as a single mother is hard most of the time, I would never not want to have the pleasure of being Renata's mother! I'm Thankful for my daughter :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet me on Monday ~ 58th Edition

This is my first time participating in this fun Meme, I can't wait to do it more often! This is a holiday weekend for us so I'm home and therefore able to write a post on a Monday :) Here is my entry:

1. I wish I had more time to... READ, RELAX, DO NOTHING!
2. What is your favorite kind of soup? CLAM CHOWDER
3. Where will you eat Thanksgiving dinner? WE DO NOT CELEBRATE HERE :(
4. What is your favorite time of day? EARLY IN THE MORNING, BEFORE THE DAY STARTS
5. Did you start Christmas shopping yet? NOPE, I ONLY HAVE A FEW STOCKING STUFFERS BUT THAT'S ABOUT IT :(

For more fun entries or to participate visit Never growing old, have a great week!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Silent Sunday ~

Unconscious Mutterings Week 460

1.Crushed :: walnuts
2.Thanks :: give
3.Steam :: boat
4.Bulletin :: board
5.Budget :: tight
6.Value :: face
7.Aquarium :: Scripps
8.Logo :: banner
9.Information :: top secret
10.Lend :: book

Feliz 20 de Noviembre!

Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the Mexican Revolution and every year there is a great 3 hr. long parade that I've watched yearly - since Renata was a baby - from the same spot/street, and today it was no different :)
My niece and nephew came along to watch it with us and later on we joined my brother, his fiance and their baby. Here are some photos taken this morning:
Patriotic colors
Green Mexican Shawls number
Pom poms could not be skipped :)
It is a tradition for the charros to close to parade and this year  it was no exception, here is my handsome cousin all dressed up.
 And in Renata's book there is no better way to end a holiday parade than with cotton candy!!! Have a happy Sunday and a great week ~

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our Creative Spaces

A busy, crafty night; working on goodies for Sunday and hopefully - soon - also for the Saturday Farmer's Market in town. More on that over at my crafty blog, on the side panel of this blog you'll find the link. TG tomorrow is Friday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Favoritas

Happy to be back joining Lisa Renata - what a nice name :) with my fav photos this week.
As most of you probably know, on Wednesday it was Dia de Muertos and - like we do every year - we went to the cemetery.
Here is a photo of my Princess and mom eating tamales and drinking atole made by my mom - YUM! There are no people around because it was early, however you can see by Renata's face that the sun is already too bright - and it was hot too!
By 10am it was packed and couldn't get closer to take a better photo of the Marichi band that played during Mass - the singer had a lovely voice and the homily was just beautiful. A beautiful day spent with my those I love the most!

This Moment ~

Friday Fill-Ins

1. In November, I most look forward to PUMPKIN PIE!
2. Good thing (here) is not available year long... phew!
3. It's right there, in the top five desserts.
4. Self-control gives me peace of mind.
5. Water for chocolate :)
6. Don't bite more than you can chew, is what my grandmother used to say!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to some crafting, tomorrow my plans include cleaning, laundry, cooking and hopefully more crafting and Sunday, I want to SELL a lot at the La Cruz Market!

We have a Winner! - BLOGTOBERFEST

Lorraine from NY won my giveaway - Congratulations to Lorraine! She has responded to my email and I now have her addy and the parcel will be ready to go soon.
WARNING: Lorraine if you want your prize to be a surprise stop reading right now as photo and description follows :) Here is what Lorraine will receive in the mail:
As promised, a set of four felt coaster (with embroidered leaves and tied with twine), a blackboard tag, corner bookmark and one of my felt birdies - everything handmade with love :) Thank you to the organizers of this event and those who participated, commented and visited my blog.

Skywatch Friday

Green mountains, blue sky and white clouds - greet view from my workplace!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope you are having a "Bloody" good Halloween night :) May your trick or treating yields lots of goodies!
Witchy wishes from a Mexican Witch "trainee"!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Creative Spaces

Sooo happy to be back even though not much happening in the craft dept :(  Anyway, I've finished cutting tags for my ribbon bits and here they are in all their colorful glory:
I am no where near done but I've finished about half of the total I have to wrap.
It was rather relaxing so I'm looking forward to tackling the rest of this project.
For more creative spaces go here.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Favoritas...

Sabor a Cajeta encourages us to look back through our fav photos and share them here. My Princess is OBVIOUSLY my favorite subject so every photo folder in my computer includes her in at least half the pictures, if not all! Some I like more than others, and this is one of those I truly like; here we are whale watching on a sailboat and Renata really enjoyed lounging on the deck.
Thank you Lisa Renata for the opportunity to showcase our loved ones and our favorite photos! Have a lovely weekend and happy blogging ~

This Moment ~

Friday Fill-Ins

2. NOT SO NOWADAYS my darling.
3. Once upon a time, IT WAS A DIFFERENT STORY.
4. ONCE I BECAME A MAMA ... the end.
6. BETTER TO GET USED TO IT sooner than later.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to DOING SOMETHING MY PRINCESS CONSIDERS "FUN" - WHATEVER THAT IS, tomorrow my plans include A TRIP TO THE MARKET and Sunday, I want to REST!

Skywatch Friday ~

A break during the storm (Jova) - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Friday 5: Out of Place

It's been awhile since I've written anything... I don't like that... every week I go over to Friday 5 to eye their questions and I deem them either too difficult, too personal or I'm honest and just tell myself I'm not in the mood to think... Enough of that! Here I am with an entry this week :)

1.What non-food items are in your refrigerator or freezer?
I currently have some US dollars left over from our vacation, at different times I've had documents, tickets, etc.

2.What non-book items are on your bookshelves? Seasonal ornies, decorations - I change it every season/holiday

3.What song or album in your music collection doesn’t fit in with your usual tastes?
Willie Nelson - he doesn't really go with my classical or classic rock cds :)

4.What item in your wardrobe really doesn’t match anything else?
A loud blouse I got at a Christmas exchange at work - yuck!

5.What scar on your body did you receive in the unlikeliest of ways?
I did not plan on having a child, so I guess my C-section scar counts as unlikely, no?

Thank you for reading this randomness and I wish you a great weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogtoberfest Giveaway Bonanza!

Wow, yesterday I "happened" to stumble upon Curlypops and all the info regarding the above mentioned event. Right away I wanted to sign up and decided that participating would put an end to my lack of inspiration as I would be forced to make something to giveaway, yay!!!
I would like to offer a set of 4 (four) handmade coasters and other goodies that might  jump in the envie during the next two weeks :)
This - my - giveaway ends on Oct. 31st at 10pm and on Nov. 1st I will post and contact the winner, so make sure I can get a hold of you in case you win.
Go visit all the participating blogs and good luck!
P.S. Photo of coasters to follow soon.

My Creative Space

No, this is not a post about my crafting area, just of what is on my desk! This is my first time participating in Our Creative Spaces fun weekly blog event. I find it very motivating to see what the other participants are working on at the moment - and since I seem to have lost my crafting inspiration (mojo) - maybe something will spark my creativity again!
I decided to work on something productive - in hopes of getting inspired by the colors and textures - and started tracing some tags on an empty cereal box. I'm big on recycling so I decided to put the empty box to good use, I will be using the tags to wrap my lengths of ribbon on them. You see, here in PV ribbon is either expensive or I'm too poor to buy a whole spool of it, so the typical thing to do is buy it by the meter. As you can imagine I have several meters - or bits of some - getting all tangled up in my "ribbon case". Once they are sorted I will post a photo of them looking pretty :)
Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to participating again next week, hopefully with a real project!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Go Pink! Please!!!

Unfortunately, we all seem to know someone or have a someone in our family that had, has or might have some sort of cancer... and as you also know, the month of October is awareness month for breast cancer - the type of cancer one of my younger sisters had - therefore the pink...
Would you be so kind as to visit Megan where you will learn all about participating in her blog this month, the more entries = more donations.
My entry will be posted on the 14th, hope you visit the blog to comment :)
I thank you in advance for your participation, spread the word and let's help anyway we can.

Friday, October 7, 2011

This Moment ~

Skywatch Friday - Season 5, Episode 13

The sky in Mexico City
in July
on a late afternoon
while driving through the city...

Friday Fill-Ins

Here I am, able to participate in this fun meme again. I love the photo they have posted today so at the end of my entry I will share it with you :)

1.How can I LET GO AND LET GOD?.

2. I AM TRYING TO LET GO OF STRESS at the moment.
6. WITH MY FRIENDS, I LIKE TO stay in touch.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The Gallery - Blue

Not one but two shades of blue in this picture! I took it over two years ago while on a whale watching trip on a sailboat. The island is called Marietas and is at the northern tip of our bay - Bahia de Banderas.
It was a great day in spite of the fact that no whales were seen!

Friday, September 30, 2011

This Moment

More entries over at Amanda's blog

Friday Favoritas

I recently discovered this blog and the Friday Meme she hosts; this is my first time participating - since it's a photo meme I'm in! :)
This photo was taken just a little while ago, my Princess is playing on the floor next to me - it must be Friday if she's sooo relax! No homework!
When she was little it was a common sight to see her playing at my feet while I was at the computer or crafting but nowadays she is off to do her own thing, so it almost made me teary eye to see her playing at my feet and I ran to get the camera and capture this moment :)
Have a fantastic weekend and I hope to be back next week with another favorita!

Friday Fill-Ins

1. I need A BREAK!
2.TO BELIEVE HOW lucky we were.
4. GIVE ME A big tall glass.
6. PAIN LIKE steak knives.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to WATCHING A MOVIE, tomorrow my plans include GOING TO A BABY SHOWER and Sunday, I want to GO TO BED EARLY!

Skywatch Friday - Season 5, Episode 12

Beautiful sunset in La Jolla, Ca. this past summer ~

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today is the first time I participate in this fun Meme, often, I eye the posts/links as red is one of my fav colors and always tell myself I must participate, and it seems today is THE day :) Here are some of my fav red things from around our place that I have gotten over the years... mostly pre-Princess purchases!
Espresso cups: Turkey, Wooden spoon: Greece, Bottle: somewhere in the US, Small wooden saucer, cup and spoon: Russia.
A tray from Waldo's - the only apple we ever have in this house :(
Watermelon candle: Mexican, Clay bus: Colombia.

I hope to be back soon again with some more of my red goodies, have a great rest of the week ~

Wordless Wednesday ~

The Gallery - Home

This week at The gallery the theme is "Home" ... Home is a difficult subject     - for me - to capture in a photo. Many things are home to me and home is everything! I love staying at home, coming back home after a long day at work or at the end of a vacation; and there are special corners within my home that are particularly special to me.
One of them is my crafting area - which is not ready to shown, another is my bedroom and of course my kitchen.
Since in my "book" love can be tasted, the kitchen is where I prepare "edible" love for my Princess and I. We bake - stove top, but bake nonetheless :), laugh, share, talk, I teach her how to cook and she practices what I have taught her so far...
This is I, my life and everything else: opposites and/or contradictions:           
Modern and traditional, cannot have one and not the other!

Even my spoons fall into this category :) - no doubt, my kitchen is home!

Monday, September 26, 2011

i heart faces - People's Choice.

This is my very first time participating in this challenge and I am really excited about it as I love taking photos and hope to improve my skills by participating often.
Some times my pictures won't be the best due to my poor quality camera, but I'll do my best. I wish I could have a fancy-schmancy one... one of these days I will! :)
This week's theme is: "Best Face Photo from Summer 2011”, please visit the blog to vote for your favorite face! As usual, my Princess is the subject of my entry photo, it was taken while vacationing in San Diego.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great week~

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unconscious Mutterings - Week 452

1.Clay ::Air-dry
2.Eggs ::Hens
3.Dress ::Wedding
4.Games ::Panamerican
5.Drummers ::Steel
6.Proud ::Mother
7.Hoisted ::Lifted
8.Feuding ::Family
9.Itching ::Mosquito
10.Remain ::Loyal

This Moment ~

Visit for more entries. Happy Weekend~

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Mexican Independence Day!

201 years ago we became a free republic. Today, we thank those who lost their lives - so many years ago - so we could be free.
Viva Mexico!!!
It is a long holiday weekend here in Mexico and we plan on having a bit of fun, catch up on chores and get some much needed rest. I hope we can get it all done :) Regardless of where you are, I wish you a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Sandy Sculpture

Have a happy weekend~

What's My Question Wednesday

Today's question for the above mentioned Meme is: Have you ever travelled by train? If so, tell all about it.
Yes, I have travelled by train on more than one ocasion, in Mexico, the US and Europe; however, the one on Amtrak in the US - it feels like it took place in another life... ??? - stands out as memorable for more than a few reasons.
I went from Central Station in NYC to Burlington in Vermont. I was travelling by myself and I loved it! The scenery was great, the solicitude, the hours rolled by, it seemed, just for me - for my thoughts, for reading, contemplating, etc.
At the time, I was in a rather tumultuos relationship and badly needed the time alone. Also, I was going to attend the wedding - I was one of the bridesmaids - of a former co-worker and good friend and I was looking forward to the one on one time with her during this special time in her life and the best part is that it was at the end of September: FALL in all it's glory! My favorite season and here I was going through all these postcard perfect views! Wonderful trip!
I'm glad I was able to do it as nowadays not even "bathroom" time is "alone" time :)
My next trip by train will be onboard El Chepe - albeit not alone anymore :)

The Photo Gallery - A Happy Memory

This week's theme was a bit hard at the beginning - because thank God we have many happy memories - however, once I started looking at photos and found these it was easy to make up my mind.
I'm guessing it was four years ago that my dear friend Jackie celebrated her daughter's - Isabella - birthday and we were invited. My Princess was a tiny two year old but she had a blast as these photo prove:

On the trampolin ~

Hitting the pinata ~

Riding the donkey with the birthday girl ~

My Princess and I checking out the "candy" bounty ~

Great memories from dearly missed friends!
For more entries or to participate click here