Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Photo Gallery - Animals

This year during our summer vacation we were lucky enough to visit a friend's ranch and while there saw that the cow he recently bought came with a gift: she had a calf shortly after she was purchased!
My daughter had never had such an up-close and personal encounter with an animal this size (and his mother too!)... here she is tentatively touching Guapo's nose - Guapo means handsome in Spanish - an experience my little one will remember for a long time :)
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Blog Day 2011


While blog hopping tonight and while visiting aspoonfulofsugar I discovered that today is Blog Day 2011 - as organized by Nuffnang and have decided to participate and share with you some of the zillion blogs I just love. Here they are and I hope you stop by for a visit and like them as well:

The Feathered Nest (USA) I just love all of Dawn's creations and down to earth blog posts. She shares beautiful ephemera to print and photos of her day to day life in Georgia. Visiting her blog is very inspirational as I share her love for nature - in particular bird nests :) Pay her a visit and see for yourself!

Desde mi ventana (Spain) A blog full of great photos of beautiful rooms and architectural ideas.

Geninne's Art Blog (Mexico) As the title says it, this blog is full of Geninne's beautiful art! I dream of being able to attend one of her workshops one of these days, until then I visit her blog as often as I can.

Saidos da Concha (England) Such a beautiful blog! I want to be as talented as Concha when I grow up! :) Take a look at her posts and if you like crafting you will fall in love with all the lovely things she makes.

Attic 24 (England) Lucy's blog makes me want to crochet Granny Squares like crazy or any of the other beauties she makes! She is also very generous and shares many tutorials on the beautiful things she makes.
Bugs and Fishes (UK) Laura's is my to go blog when I want some felt eye candy. I love working with felt and Laura is an inspiration and I admire her talent. She also has free tutorials available in her blog and an etsy shop in case you fall in love with her creations and decide you must have some of them :)

This list is jus a very small sample of the many blogs I try to visit whenever I get computer time; join in on Blog Day and share your favorite blogs with the rest of us! Have a fantastic rest of the week and thanks for stopping by ~