Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Gallery - Home

This week at The gallery the theme is "Home" ... Home is a difficult subject     - for me - to capture in a photo. Many things are home to me and home is everything! I love staying at home, coming back home after a long day at work or at the end of a vacation; and there are special corners within my home that are particularly special to me.
One of them is my crafting area - which is not ready to shown, another is my bedroom and of course my kitchen.
Since in my "book" love can be tasted, the kitchen is where I prepare "edible" love for my Princess and I. We bake - stove top, but bake nonetheless :), laugh, share, talk, I teach her how to cook and she practices what I have taught her so far...
This is I, my life and everything else: opposites and/or contradictions:           
Modern and traditional, cannot have one and not the other!

Even my spoons fall into this category :) - no doubt, my kitchen is home!

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