Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today is the first time I participate in this fun Meme, often, I eye the posts/links as red is one of my fav colors and always tell myself I must participate, and it seems today is THE day :) Here are some of my fav red things from around our place that I have gotten over the years... mostly pre-Princess purchases!
Espresso cups: Turkey, Wooden spoon: Greece, Bottle: somewhere in the US, Small wooden saucer, cup and spoon: Russia.
A tray from Waldo's - the only apple we ever have in this house :(
Watermelon candle: Mexican, Clay bus: Colombia.

I hope to be back soon again with some more of my red goodies, have a great rest of the week ~


  1. Welcome to Rednesday! I hope we see a lot more of you. Nice variety of items - I especially like the red bottle and watermelon candle!

  2. Love your red items! And what a great idea? Maybe i could have an orangeday? Of course I would mention where I go the idea :)


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