Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What's My Question Wednesday

Today's question for the above mentioned Meme is: Have you ever travelled by train? If so, tell all about it.
Yes, I have travelled by train on more than one ocasion, in Mexico, the US and Europe; however, the one on Amtrak in the US - it feels like it took place in another life... ??? - stands out as memorable for more than a few reasons.
I went from Central Station in NYC to Burlington in Vermont. I was travelling by myself and I loved it! The scenery was great, the solicitude, the hours rolled by, it seemed, just for me - for my thoughts, for reading, contemplating, etc.
At the time, I was in a rather tumultuos relationship and badly needed the time alone. Also, I was going to attend the wedding - I was one of the bridesmaids - of a former co-worker and good friend and I was looking forward to the one on one time with her during this special time in her life and the best part is that it was at the end of September: FALL in all it's glory! My favorite season and here I was going through all these postcard perfect views! Wonderful trip!
I'm glad I was able to do it as nowadays not even "bathroom" time is "alone" time :)
My next trip by train will be onboard El Chepe - albeit not alone anymore :)

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  1. The closest I've ever been to a train ride was at Disneyland. Hee, hee! I think it must be a wonderful experience to travel by train and I would love to do it one day!


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