Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Scribblings # 324 - Parent

A beautiful word if taken seriously, a great word if it’s honored by the person doing the parenting, a fantastic word if you really truly try to be the best parent on earth.
I’ve probably failed my Princess in the past and there will probably be more in the future, however, I can honestly say that everyday I wake up and ask God to help me be the best mother – PARENT – I can possibly be!
Yes, trying to be the best means being less: self-centered, selfish, preoccupied with ones wants – often mislabeled as needs!
Yes, it is hard work, a lot of work – especially for a single PARENT but lets remember that we were the ones who brought our children into this world and we must give them a happy childhood in order for them to be happy adults and future good PARENTS.
Happy Fathers Day to those who celebrate the day – Dads and single Moms.
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