Sunday, February 3, 2013

Mosaic Monday: Our Garden

I'm thrilled to be participating in this linky party for the very first time. Photography is something I really enjoy even though I'm a total amateur! But I enjoy it and learn as I go :)
Here are my mosaics:

Another one of my fave hobbies is gardening and here are the photos to prove it!

Have a fantastic week, I look forward to participating next week 
and if you wish to participate or view other entries, please go here.

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  1. welcome to Mosaic Monday! It is certainly the place to come is you want inspiration from some of the amazing photographers on here. I really enjoy Mondays!
    You have made a good start. Photography is a wonderful pastime that come become so absorbing as you get more into it. Have fun with it!
    and have a wonderful week.


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